- Tim Robert


New York City’s Tim Robert is a musical artist who draws upon a wealth of experience to create electronic music that is rich with creativity and emotional depth. Originally a rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Tim’s bands released albums and toured the U.S. in the early 90s; he then wrote music and lyrics for rock theater in the late 90s and early 2000s. Throughout his early musical career, Tim held a great love for synthetic textures. Then, upon a friend’s recommendation, he heard Sasha and Digweed at the legendary NYC club Twilo. Inspired by the immense sonic adventurousness and emotional power of electronic dance music, Tim ultimately turned to producing and DJing. Tim’s productions are now beginning to gain the attention of the international underground scene, and with several of Tim's releases featuring his own vocals, he has taken the next step and is beginning to sing live at his club shows. Tim has performed at many NYC clubs as well in Philadelphia and Zurich, and he has had the good fortune to share bills with top-tier artists such as Hernán Cattáneo, Cid Inc, Guy Mantzur and Marcelo Vasami. With a strong drive to move ever forward, Tim will continue his quest to bring inspiration and innovation into his own unique style of electronic music.