- Joel Giannini


His interest in electronic music goes back to his adolescence, mainly listening to music from the house. Influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Depeche mode, Gustavo Cerati and Djs like John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, among others. Born in 1987, being DJ was in his nature and soon began in the environment of musical production. First, playing in private parties for friends. Then more and more often in bars and clubs. If you take a look at his name in digital music stores, you’ll find high quality labels such as: Mystic Corroucel, Nube Music Records, Estribo Records, AH digital to name just a few.Joel Giannini’s productions speak for themselves. Groove, dark progressive rhythms and somber sounds are a constant feature in their sets. You can listin his radio show program “Resonance by Joel Giannini” every 1rd Friday of Nube Music Radio.