- Uegi De Masu


Uegi was born in North Cyprus , when he's age get 20 he's moved to London . At the end of the 90's he discovered the London club culture. At the beginning at 2003 he started his Dj'ing career in London. he had performance Ministry of Sound , Pacha and he's used to resident dj in Doors club and Uknownfm also he's performance other bar clubs in London.. in the same date when he's visits Cyprus he's performing many known club and bars in Cyprus. after he's dj career experience Filled 8 years he's start planning to make he's own music.. year 2010 he's move back to Cyprus for studying music andjust to make music . For the engineering and for arrangement technics he's went to London for takelesson from world known artist Weiss uk aka Richard Dinsdale and he's learned many production techniques from Richard and his future has contributed to him .he's also wants to the learn musicality information as a professional to improve his music knowledge he went to Near East University music department to study Music Theory in 2013 2015. he's living in Cyprus nowadays and he's keep production he's music...