- Evernaya


The Alias of a movement uniting souls entwined in musical euphoria. Hailing from the Silicon City of India, EVERNAYA is one of the most influential and rapidly rising artists in the electronic music scene and one of the youngest artists in India to have achieved a stature in the industry. Having self taught himself the art of the trade at his youth, his tracks have been globally featured and supported amongst international producers and superstars such as Artento Divini, Ruben de Ronde, Ben Liebrand, Sean Matthews, James Cottle, Dennis Govaart, Thomas Gold, Sebastian Bronks, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Rank1, Atragun, Dax Maier, INDI, Ikerya Project, WizardDK, Lazarus and also a large variety of award-winning sound engineers and composers. Having a very unique and varied skill-set in music production and live performances to his domain, his performances and tracks hold a very special exclusivity and a euphoric factor influenced by the sounds of multiple genres prominent in the electronic and live music scene that always keeps the crowd wanting for more of both his melodically driven atmospheres, and a relentless amount of punching euphoric energy throughout. His Track “Relieve” charted at No.7 amongst over 150,000 entries around the world for the Paris Football Week Anthem, and thus gained global recognition to the support of numerous Progressive Trance and Progressive House Artists supporting it such as MYKRIS and Fedde Le Grand. Originating from being a guitarist/vocalist, he is based into nearly everything that inspires around and beyond his reach having a characteristic of setting up the helm of his signature styles in each. With 2017 at a close, he is playing is first ever 5-hour exclusive, one-of-a-kind premiere open to close set on New Year’s Eve, and with loads of upcoming releases and EPs. EVERNAYA is one to watch out for as he is one of the very few leading the next generation of producers unified as one, shaping the scene and taking INDIA on the rise.