- Fermata Duomo


*Fermata Duomo is a techno producer and a live performer from Israel (Tel-Aviv). Raised in a musical family, Artyom Tuwalski (his real name), has always been surrounded by music. He started to produce tracks when he was just 15 years old, constructing his first tunes on a Fast Tracker (DOS operating system based) sequencer. * *At a later stage, Artyom was exposed to analog outboard gear and synthesizers. Ever since, he has mostly based his productions on analog rather than on digital and surrounded himself with a variety of analog synths and eurorack modular equipment. * *Thru the years, Artyom develop a very unique approach to music production, focusing on sound and mix quality. He claims that DAWs (digital workstations) carry a "ghost inside the machine" and that reprogramming the DAW mixing algorithms may push the sound quality beyond the limits of industry formats.*