- KoDeeRa


Captivated by house and techno and with their live performing skills as musicians, they decided to start producing techno and get into performing live as well. These three artists goal is to create their live performances right on the stage with synths, Ableton controllers and triggered drums.They create a combination of melodic ideas, syncopated bass lines and deep kicks, KoDeeRa is able to give the crowd exactly what they want, and via live performance and the power to create energy on the spot, they keep the crowd very engaged and satisfy their expectations and make them dream and dance in the same time.Each one of these three artists have a strong musical background coming from a musical family:Codrut - his mother, a ballerina and his dad, a guitarist, gave him the sense of rhythm and the love for music. He has been a performing drummer since he was 16 and now uses his skills to produce and perform techno music.Dinu - he devoted more than 20 years of his life worshiping the piano/keyboard; now he is into synth sounds and sound designRazvan - a guitar player who spinned 16 years around guitar and all music genres, from classical to pop; now he produce techno, sound design and sound engineering.They have shared events with Sasha Carassi, Marc Houle, Enrico Sangiuliano, Sam Paganini, Carlo Lio, Bart Skills, Stiv Hey, Alex Mine, Sinisa Tamamovic, Mladen Tomic, Carlo Ruetz, Mind Against and Mirror States.