- Davide Di Blasi


The hot and beautiful Sicily gives birth 21 October1989 in the legendary Agrigento. And here it is: DavidDi Blasi, new promise in the world of Italian clubbing.His love of music occurs for the first time around2002, when, while listening to a cd, suddenlytriggered the spark! Galeotta Muscia was the house,to which then followed in the coming years severalflirtations among which the kind experimental tekhouse,electronics. Soon comes the mess in the first inpubs, private parties, nightclubs, the area of ReggioEmilia, where David has already passed for manyyears and where has the opportunity to get noticed byprofessionals and colleagues.And 'with pride that theDJ remembers his first success at the Planet Cafe,Cafes Piave and Miami.But is history now, and we are in fact until 2010, whenthe first real satisfactions of mr. Di Blasi begin toarrive: it arrives at the Consol of successful clubs suchas Eden (Drive Inn), Veronika (Parma) Casale (ReggioEmilia) and some extra dates in Milan.The result of such commitment is without doubt theprofessional collaboration and deep friendship thatbinds him to Manuel costs, which signs the projectLokoFusion LabThe association leads them to explore the world ofthe night beyond the simple consol or musicproduction lots that give life to the evening Freak n'Chic license plate to Karma Lab LokoFusion Ristopubin Reggio Emilia.The characteristics of David idiscusse emerge earlyon in the color you have a chance to enjoy his set:ELECTRONIC mixed with those techno sounds withoutforgetting the melodic groove of pure house musicled the young DJ to be a promising sector.