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 - Keira


Keira was born in Italy and, since her teenage she proved to have an innate and irrepressible passion for music. When she was 8, her parents decided to enroll her in a school of guitar. Over her youth, she demonstrated excellent skills with outstanding performances during her exibitions. Her love for electronic music rose during a trip to Germany in 2008. When Keira arrived in Berlin, the capital of alternative music, she decided to join a party at Panoramabar. The enchanting charm of those sounds and the enthralling atmosphere of the moment led her to decide to start composing digital music and, thanks to her talent, she quickly turned to be a popular DJ playing in important clubs in Italy and Europe, such as the Bolgia, Egg, Palazzo dei Congressi, Kindergarten, Chalet Delle Rose, Cable, Trabant club, Decò...Keira productions are starting to get popular either in Italy or abroad, where she was awarded with several prizes. Keira sees in her tracks a new way to make music. Her pieces are unique, the hardness of the base mixes with the sweetest melodies in a continuous search of new sounds, original and never predictable. In her latest ep, published in “Entail Records”, she collaborated with Francisco Allendes, renowned producer of "Desolat". In her work, music, graphic, fashion and art merge together to re-emerge in a new form that surprises, fascinates, inspires and engages in all the senses, making Keira a unique artist.