- Franx


Francesco Albergo (Franx) was born in Bari (Italy) on 1992. At the age of 11 years received as a gift a PC, start using it to listen to various genres of music, when he finds a particular attraction for the electronics, and all its subgenres and minimal. Of that time his passion for music increases more and more, so that, at the age of 14years with the help of his uncle Tommy Gargano who owns his own record label [Black Minnie Records], gets a special software and a console that allows him to begin making music and start managing the first exibition night. Time to time has extended its musical culture so as to orient toward the best new musical as minimal-techno, electro-minimal. Just turned 18 years signed a contract with the RWM Records then with others labels and makes itself felt even in the top minimal chart. Today he collaborates with various producers and is always ready to experiment with new genres, styles and musical ideas while following his passion so great and unique call from him: MUSIC THRILL.