- Nonnus


Hi Tech DJ, Silicon Records Label ManagerPlayed with Jeff Mills, Timmo Maas, Paul Oakenfold, X-Dream, Dino Psaras, Mapusa Mapusa and many others...Since his very early age Nonnus has always felt related to technology and it is no surprise that as he grew up he got deeply involved with it in many different levels: professionally,emotionally and musically.Historic Trivia: 1973: Became alive 1997: Started DJing 2001: Created Silicon Records project (1st online label in the world) 2007: Released first album "3G: Audio Upgrade" 2008: Created the iTouchmidi suite of midi controllers for iOS 2011: Rebooted Silicon Records as a Hi Tech record label 2012: Resumed music productionCurrently in South America promoting Silicon Records, Nonnus is available for worldwide bookings (nonnus@silicon-records.com)