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Born and raised in a small city called Saint-Juery next to Toulouse, Kedrone developed an interest for music really soon. At the age of 5, He began to learn how to play guitar. Fascinated by the music, he created a rock band with friends of him, and produced a few songs. But, very fast, the production in MAO attracted him. It's later that he learnt how to practice mixing. Kedrone wanted to produce his own music, so he began to compose Electro House. He signed with some labels, but very soon, he realized that composing Techno/Minimal music was much more interesting. He is now a passionate young man, and he progress day after day.


EDM WMC Miami 2015 Essential Session (Electronic Dance Music Winter Music Conference)
Jeffrey Hendrix, DJ Sphynx, Yamppier, AirBender, BBOSMANN, CHemzo, Florent Nyers, James Hood, Kid Roudi, Kedrone, Matteo Luzzi, Myo, Remco Langedijk, Riky G, Rosario Puleo, Sesar & JaKo, SimmyHatz, Win Blaze, Xilef J, Yousifino, Haber, Marw3ll, Josh Costa, Filippo Forlani, EiSkrim, Mortuos, Type A, Alex Noiss, Givor Paradis, Kyrau, BeatBakers, The Twin Peaks, The Sultan, D' Luxe, Michael Monroe, Mato Locos, Taricco & Bonelli, ScaryFools, Tim Tensity, DJ EKL, Dj Mandriv, Jeremie Assera, A-loud, BlastersBoyz, Freeze & Iris, Nick Fiero, Alf Daren, Simple Kids, Jony Dahlback, Troublesome, DJ Ariel Style, Axer Drops, Quitu, Calabro Project, MonkeyMau, ZOYA, Zack Nassib, Alex Lextar, Andrea Corsari, JRP, Nick Nider, Makdrew, Coso, Norfolgend, Matteo Marani, Axhel, Mr. Rommel, Vemouz, Rodrigo Vazquez, Michele Pletto, Antonio Fuoco, Bossanova, Jeremy Maha, Peece, Lorenz Nardo, QVERCVS, Axel Cooper, Al3x Murphy, BaturalpC, Adrian Dreamer, Mike Vegas, Annee', Pauli Gabrieli, John Mark, Stella, Sergio Sen, Benedetti, Castellani, BassHeroOne, Adrian P, Stephan Vegas, Nario, Adelissio, Andrea Palermo, Joe De Martino, Blackindago, Perchord, Renato Fasano, SoundTz, DJ Dani C, Angel See, D.Mark'J, Roberto Ciminna, Kapes, Andrew Ross, Sergen Tekin, Paxel, D.Mark'J, Riky G, Alexander Verrienti, Aaron Larcher, Kedrone, Simone Bertolini, Alex Wagner, Angel See, Cristopher Deejay, SickDrum, Ste Dagostino, Killer Panda
OTB (EDM Records) | 2015-03-23