- Frank Charli


Frank Charli is everything between house and techno.A black beard Pantone 426 with a white stain. Several yearsof militancy in hardcore, grind and ambient bands. A bunchof previous experiences in electronic music, Frank Charlinow finds its dimension in this latest project. He’s into deep,groovy and old school sounds. Synth’stabs, roland drums,vocal loops and a sound that covers house, acid, techhouse,dub and techno.You can find a number of releases online, with differentitalian and foreign labels. Also several remix, official andbootlegs accumulated in around one year of activities.Everything started with Safe Sexx music, the “family”. T hensome collaboration with good blogs, other labels and partiesall around Italy.What characterizes the sound is the extreme ease withwhich you want people to dance, no frills, effects orunnecessary virtuosity, but a good selection of music andthe right mood to offer it to those who are in front. His setscovers many genres and they are those with the tear thatfalls at the end.