- DJ Donny


Started as a punter, going to most clubs in jakarta. Donny felt something is still missing. He then startes doing bootlegs and edits of other great djs.Around 2000, Donny felt tha he needed to improvise his knowledge. Not long after, he decided to try his chance and his bravery to become a reident DJ. He then found what his love doing it. Up til now his been doing it for 8 years at different clubs, lots of hardwors, presures from everyone shape his character, hence being X2, one of the best club in jakarta.Afterall, Music is a never ending learning process, and it updates from time to time. Do not be too proud of what we get, because there are much more things in music and life. When performing, dj is not only about beatmatching from songs to songs, but how they can create a journey, and being able to tell the audiences what stories behind it. So stay strong in what you beliefs and always keen for new things, but inthe end good attitude will fly you to your dream