- Angel Guijarro


Ángel Guijarro was born in Toledo (Spain) in 1985 and lives in Madridejos, a town in the province of Toledo, near Consuegra, where the mills are confused by giants in the novel "El Quijote" by Cervantes.Angel Guijarro music lover, with only 12 years, began to feel curiosity for the great DJs Angel Guijarro throughout his artistic and professional life has gone through different musical styles like: Progresive and Progresive Trance, but with the passage of time begins to feel more attraction and concern for the Techno, a style that Plasma with much Groove And forceful in all its sessions.After a while Angel Guijarro proposes to expose to others what he feels for music, and what better way than doing his own subjects.It begins to be formed through courses of musical production in Madrid (Spain). The first of them on the radio station "LocaFM". There he meets many people, including his teacher Manolo Promt who teaches him all his knowledge about music production.Currently his musical creations have the musical style Techno- House and Techno. His great ability as a music producer extends to collaborate with other artists for the creation of themes and remixes.His great experience on stage, participating in festivals like: Space of Sound Tour, Kriskrock, Technokrock, True Spirit ... and acting in big rooms like: Fabrik, Blue Night Caves, KUE, Atlantis, ... and surround yourself with the best national DJs And international, have made Ángel Guijarro a great DJ.At present he is focused on musical production, where he puts all his desire and effort in showing the world the music he keeps inside him.