- Alex Del Castillo E


Alex Del Castillo E. the extravagant producer of electronic music born in Lima - Peru. Keeping the current electronic and current musical trends that takes sounds Tech House, Techno and Deep House Minimal to expand the musical spectrum. The A.k.A. Cabeza de Robot, ADC_2412 and AlexDelC. were started in the production of electronic music since 2009 for then to share with friends in 2012 began his career professional being signed by the record label, 9000 Audio Records (Switzerland), Sk Yaris Records (USA), Schicker Recordings (Germany), We Most Recording (Argentina), All Over it Records UK (England), Beatforge Records (Germany). Increasingly he has more proposals to sign with new and different stamps, their talent and variety of mixture of new sounds make this producer be in the top of sales and rapidly scale position.