- Dawid Gurbowicz


Dawid Gurbowicz has just been taken into the hands of the Cygnus X1 records giving birth to art as well as music in this all-Italian lable. Dawid is not only a painter, a writer and a photographer, but now a days it seems as if bpms have taken up most of his senses. Originally from Poland, this 26 year old bloke has always been interested in the underground scene. In fact, even as a small boy, he's always embraced these different shades in order to combine them in installations and picturesque works of art.Soon, Dawid realizes that music and art really work hand in hand. Hip hop beats and graffiting seem closer than ever and in the 90's he discovers a passion for vinals, scratching and mixing. All a must in the Hip Hop scenario.As time goes by, the rhythm of his life and his interests towards music start to change. The beats become deeper and the art becomes softer with a more delicate surface than what used to be a rugged wall. Carried by these influences, he attracts himself towards the freestyle scene and is able to collaborate with great italian names such as: Random Video Productions, Doors snowpark structures, Neuro Shock skate and snowboard store and has various sponsorships linking him to this world.Once again, he brings his artistic tools into the snowboard scene and works hand in hand with photographers and video makers.Overall, his musical background makes Cygnus X1 a good ally in order to create new projects mixed with a dynamic passion of up to date influences of the every day life.