- Tommy Gunners


Hailing from Hamilton, the industrial mecca of Ontario, Tommy Gunners’ roots in techno were evident from an early age. Though influenced by early 90’s rave culture and the breakbeat sounds of jungle, drum, and bass & breaks; and djs like Dominik, his first foray into the world of DJ culture was during the breakbeat era toward the end of the decade. Tommy’s techier roots can be linked to some of his hometown friends that brought techno to the Hammer in the mid 90’s and was inflncued by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Adam Beyer, and Cari Lekebusch. But it was a stint at Toronto’s Nocturnalmagazine.net that has lead to him being booked on the same bill as many of the greats Eric Morillo,Dj Dan, Steve Angelo, Deep Dish, Rene Pilgram. Tommy Gunners' sound is comprised of all of these early influences, and a current self inflicted push in the studio can only mean good things for the future production wise. His heavily travelled ear through the province over the years is a key to the selection process. Tommy gunners has found a role as A/R rep at 6N7Music.com recruiting home grown music for the 6N7 roster of artists, another chapter has unfolded being added to the risebookings.com family. let see what future is about to bring for this bright and talented artist.....