- Noise Tribe


Known for the excellent work that has developed over the past 23 years, Noise Tribe, has successfully maintained at a level that very few artists can reach. Noise Tribe is a Dj who began playing in 1989 as a freelancer in several clubs in Lisbon which stand out, Pure Alcohol Benzima and in 1993 started working as a resident Nick Bar, where he worked until 1994, the year Disc comes to EKU in Covilhã. Over the past 20 years has worked all over the country alongside the Disco where he was resident for 12 years at the legendary Club & Company and Space Covilhã Portugal. Many were the homes where they played, including most importantly the after hours at Paradise Garage, Models, Locomia, IRS, Repvblica Castelo Branco, Republic Valencia Spain, Castelo Branco Look, Look Viana do Castelo Company Club, Space Club Covilhã, etc.. Stands out with an electronic sound and very festive and joyous. And a DJ with a great view of the track. During his career can work alongside DJ's such as D-Nox,Matthias Meyer, Kobbe, DJ Vibe, Luca Ricci, Frank Maurel, Mario Roque, John Daniel, Maurice, Jiggy, A. Paul, Michael Angelo, Frederic.G, Oscar Riviera, Antoine Clamaran, The Fox, Rui Vargas, Pedro Ricciardi, Yen Sun, Nikodemus, Kid Loco, Kika, Nuno Cacho, among many others ...