- Beat On


Beat On (Travers Beaton) is a creative and passionate DJ/Producer that currently lives in the UK, but his roots are far further south. Born and raised in South Africa, then later moving and settling in the UK, Travers was profoundly in uenced by culture and the irrefutable heartbeat and soul of Africa. Understanding rst hand the simplicity of the rhythm that ows with every breath we take. By the early 90’s a youth in uenced by blues, 70’s disco, and bands like Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys had fused with the rise of rave culture and house music. This stared a love affair that is still growing today within electronic music. Not con ned to a speci c style his sound is always bass driven and emotional, ‘if I don’t feel emotion from music then it isn’t for me’ – always looking to mix or produce something that closes eyes and opens minds.