- Men-D


Men-D, also known as Micha Mendel, was born in Romaniain 1985. In 1988 he moved with his family to Israel, and grewup in a small town in the north of Israel. Micha was attractedto electronic music beginning at a very young age, and wasgreatly inspired by music records in the genres of house,trance and techno that he used to listen to while growing up.In 1996, as he was introduced to a dos software sequencercalled "IT "- Impulse tracker, he begun producing trancemusic, expanding his production skills in conjunction with thetechnological progress in the field. Although Israel wasalways known as "psytrance" capital, he produced a moremelodic trance in the uplifting trance spectrum.Looking for more knowledge in the field of sound andproduction, Micha decided to follow his heart and to studymusic in a professional school. In 2010 he began studyingat "B.P.M" in Tel-Aviv, which is considered as the leadingmusic and sound school in Israel. He had the great privilegeto be trained by experts in the music industry such as YarivEtzion (Stereounderground), Rami Shapira (Chakra) andmany more. Ever since he is constantly working on originalmaterials and remixes with high ambitions and a greatpassion for more productions.