- Mike Anderson


The sound of D.J Mike Anderson started in 1985 when he was nine years old. From this beginning Mike soon went onto play and listen to Hardcore (rave) , as an M.C and D.J playing in different venues around the England. In this moment Mike is working on many projects. He is releasing music on many important labels such as Incense Spain, Jambalay Records , City West records, CBJ ect..... He is also working with Various producers from all around the world These include the likes of Robert Double Dee making up the eclectic sounds of Mike And Rob. Desiree Paris and Mike Anderson are the west Indian team called TOUT LE MONDE. Uusikartano from Croatia they make up the group of Deep Conversations, A.Sihe from Brazil working under the name of Transatlantic Connection (TAC) giving you garage flavours ,Sweet Dream Flowers from Argentina giving the listener a broad variety of styles from hip hop all the way to electronic music, Letkolben Russia, Man-k South Africa, The Association Australia and Paolo the 2nd Italy. The List goes on....