- Crescendoll


The name “Crescendoll”, means more than what it appears on the surface; it des cribes a charming music maker, a musical conduit, comprehensively educated in music and technical production, and stylistically influenced by the worlds of early french house, funk, trip hop, psychedelic, minimal, trance, and techno. Crescend oll has been a lifelong music enthusiast and an artist and producer of electronic music since 2010, making waves for herself across the American Southeast bef ore migrating into Los Angeles and the SoCal underground. Since 2013, she has delivered her romping and rollicking grooves across the west-coast, bringing a wi de-range of styles and a unique blend of tech and house to the table with her sig nature grimey darkness, deep desert minimal, and bouncing bass-driven, four-to -the-floor progressions. These elements make up that special Crescendoll sound that, for a time, pulls you out of your terrestrial body, transforms you, and immers es you wholly in spellbinding deep melodies and charging rhythms. With Cresce ndoll, you never know where her music will take you, into the sky or down the rab bit-hole...she will undoubtedly take you on a resonant musical journey like no oth er.