- Darksome Notes


Dj and Soundproducer
Like Dark Minimal and Techno Sound Promo, Booking, Remix Request: DarksomeNotes@gmail.com
Demo: http://thunderstruckrecords.label-engine.com/demos Thunderstruck.demo@gmail.com DarksomeNotes@gmail.com Labels: Thunderstruck Records
Divided Recordings, Fourth Kind Recordings, Koala Records, Lethal Dose Recordings, Nu Label, Stoffwechsel Records, Shinocs Music, Cocaine Records, Ungeklart Music, Aeternum Digital, Cavern Label , Black Vault Recordings, Krad Records, ConceptoHipnotico, Low Clinic, D.M.T. Records, Cerebelo Records, Absolutely Dark Records, YoD Recordings, Eternal Beats, Darker Sound, High Pro-File Recordings, Weltrienelli Supa Sound, Hex, PFL Records, Moleskine Music