- Yuri Eleven


Joeri Vos was born on October 11, 1988 in Amsterdam. He grew up in the center of this culturally rich city, where he first came into contact with music. His parents are big music lovers and there has always been music playing at home; from old songs on vinyl to brand new music on CDs.Around the age of twelve he was introduced to hip hop. Around that age he began to write lyrics and create beats with drum machines.He was always in the community-center with his friends, where he played drums and made beats and raps. The community center has enough equipment available, so he could fully express his creativity.He was always busy with the musical instruments his parents owned and still enjoys playing them today. He taught himself how to play the didgeridoo, the Jaw-harp and various drums.Around the age of nineteen, he developed his passion for electronic music. In his room he constantly listens to music and mixes songs. His music can be heard throughout the rest of the street on summer days. The neighbors enjoy it, which gives him a lot of positive energy.After a considerable period he decided to turn his musical talents into his profession. He bought his own DJ equipment and computer programs and started to produce music. If he had to describe his style, he would say: Funky and groovy techno and minimal techno with hiphop, jazz and soul elements.