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 - Oggie B


Having swapped his native urban Belgrade identity for a London one in the early 90s, Oggie B (Ognjen Bogdanovic) - a contemporary classical composer, keyboardist, session musician, producer and DJ - has been a quiet presence on the London underground house scene since his debut release on Strictly Rhythm in 1996 (Physique - Superman/Such A Joy). A string of productions and releases under various monikers have followed, including collaborations with Kinky Roland, Antoine 909, Cool Hands Luke, Princess Julia, Jeep Grrlz and others. A skillful, accomplished DJ known for his storming, energetic sets, he prefers to play (as once famously defined by Jon Marsh) - "records he loves for people who want to dance", typically in the smaller, more intimate venues of London and Belgrade, where his own vision of the true spirit and personality of underground house can really come to life.Currently his own blend of sexy, manly, funky club house is enjoying its second youth, having been signed to Roland Faber's London based Fetch Records - for which he is steadily providing a growing number of successful original tracks and releases as well as remixes for other label signees.