- Affani


Affani is a DJ, Producer and Label owner currently living in Barcelona, Spain.From an early age it was apparent that Affani was meant to be a DJ. He used to collect any record he could get his hands and he developed a good ear for hits. Growing up in the 80's was essential to his musical background. Not only did it shape his taste but it allowed him to discover and appreciate the masters the sound of synthesizers such as Pure motion, Jean Michel Jarre and the likes. But it is really his encounter with House Music that brought out the musician inside of him. It all happened when he started listening to Frankie Knuckles, Fast Eddie, David Morales, and House Music Pioneers Of that 90’s. So he started messing around with trackers and sequencers on PC and then he came int o cont act wit h Laidback Luke who helped him a lot by giving him tips and advices as well as feedbacks on tracks.His musical style can range from the deepest of House to the most powerful and Energetic club tracks. His sessions feature a lot of groove and energy and always leaves the crowds asking for more.Affani is currently working on his new Record label, So keep on eye on his new forthcoming singles."Music is my Heart and Soul..." is his mojo.