- Harkus Mahn


Harkus Mahn is a techno producer and DJ from Koblenz.He has been creating his sound since May 2015. Popular clubs in Germany like the Club Doula Ravensburg, the Artheater in Cologne or the M-Bia Club Berlin were part of his club history in which he was able to play so far. Every time he's on the decks, people can look forward to an impulsive Technomix.He made a name for himself in his city with his unforgettable afterhours, which he organized every weekend in the Löhrstaße. During this memorable time, people already realized that there is a great talent. This made each session unique.In the future we can enjoy a lot more of Harkus Mahn and his sound and hear a lot of releases on big labels. Above all, his new project "Clay" with his colleague and friend @kils chill becomes madness.Because he is generally a musician to the core.