- DJ Deep Noise


from a very early age demonstrated his taste for electronic music from the age of 14 began to bricar with programs like reason fl studio cubase and many more his passion for mixer and vinyl soon came very early .deep noise dj oriumdo de portugal born in 82 in a small town called Pinhal Novo, 30 minutes from Lisbon. His passion for psychedelic sounds from an early age was demonstrated later followed by the techno sounds. His passion for techno music was born from the dj of Chicago called Jeff Mills very early he fell in love with Detroit techno his career as dj had many ups and downs but in the year of 2002 he decided to go on playing in the best parties in portugal de techno. the 21 years decided to immigrate to england where he discovered the passion for minimal music and techno new generation but always has maintained his passion for the roots of techno. In this mumento he has been living for 8 years in the Czech Republic where he established many contacts where he plays permanently in many festivals c om the support of djs as ukky cz tommy rich cz noon ostrava cz Garnie-c czlebalsTechnz Records Black Reverb X-treme Hard Traxx Generated Samples Rattle Records Movon Records Taurine Records Nothing But Neurotoxin Cobra