- Orkus


Jaroslav Konecny has been born 13.8.1987 in Trebic but native from Namest nad Oslavou. Around his 13th birthday he get in first touch with electronic music. He was amazed by Daft Punk album but also Ambient ORB or Yello and since he turn fourteen he started his first experiments with his friend on DVD player-MIX (Behringer)-DVD player. J.K. Techno was already playing in his ears but level out tempo was still in the future. It was also the first time he try software for making music - Music 2000. At that time its was lets say little bit simple piece of software but affable for beginning designed for Sony Playstation and also E-jay on PC. Every day he was trying to make his very own sounds and beats and find out how actually electronic music works. After many compositions he started checking out bunch of programs for music creation. He was trying to find out which one would suit him best and that is how he get to Fruity Loops and PS2 Music 3000 where he could develop himself and continue with his experiments with sounds. About one and half year later he found out ABLETON software which was more like a closed book at the beginning. First results come up after few months of attempts and trying. Still not as good as he would like to but he continued with creation.
Music creation and music itself has become his best hobby and passion, his significant part of life with ability to charge people with positive energy and take them out from the usual reality of this unusual world. IT'S a SPIRITUAL THING A BODY THING A SOUL THING.....................