- Keener


Spanish DJ and producer who began to express their particular idea of electronic music in the late 90's. The new musical concept and the emerging club culture that was buzzing in the city of Madrid was the turning point to start your career.His studies in music theory at the conservatory and sound technician may be the cause of a technical perfectionist and refined, both in their productions as his DJ. Learn to understand the perfect fusion of music, club and public is something I bet from the beginning.Always loyal to the Rave culture has also performed in clubs like: Fabrik, Specka, Bass, Taboo, Cheyenne, Zenit, Underground, Atlantis, Blue House, Piano Café Boheme ...His broad taste for good music lets you keep in your bag a variety of styles: Tech House, Minimal, Electro, Techno, Deep, Psy Trance ... Although it is also known for its 80s and 90s to Remember ... In each of his sets Keener knows how to transmit the quality and good taste in music that precedes it. Hundreds of records, hours and hours of music that have made us all dance like crazy.At the end of 2009 is the precursor of "Downtech Music" which allows for different new releases, music distribution, event production and dj's agency


246, Bad Blake Shelter, Gabriele Chiri, Grande Vue, Astrophonie, Chrizz Morisson, Twilight Kollektiv, Geo Daft, DJ Sergio Week, Simplex Sensus, Stylo, A-Frey, NOSAER, D.J. Mirko B., Maroo, The Brixtonians, Dj Oleg Skipper, Vykvet, No Fast, DJ Alba, Alfonso, Le Babar, Ladybird, Kusta5, Alice Way, Lokka, Gil2K, Soulful-cafe, Aquinaee, Kaloop, Keywave, Sfrisoo, Dominik Bornhäußer, Izzamuzzic, DeeBizness, Stereo Positive, The Candyman, Dainty, BR!GHT, Aiden Josepher, Jöhrn, Jacinta, Phil Giava, Claudio Tempesta, Diego Javier, Mykel Mars, Ribellu, Fabio Amoroso, Henry Pass, Latisha Van Simon, Keener, Showa, Mysterious, Max Marotto, Tommy Boccuto, Serge Legran, Never Heard, Jens Manuel, Tommy Glasses, House Boss, Fine Sounds, Leandro Lee, B.Santos, North Core Project, DJ Tony O, Tosch, K.K. Project, Felicia Uwaje, Thrill Rules, B.Infinite, Chris Cowley, The Boogeyman, Leny J, Bootmasters, Dark Ray, Calma Code, Drival, DjEdizz, Rene Zmugg, Sergio Nobile, Koios K., Bengt van Steegen, Jonse, Tiziara, Naughty Turk, Zeekay, Dennis SecLane, Yvi Szoncsò, Hopeincarts, Fit For Sound, Blue Drift, Kareem Kohl, Pulse Nation Project, Sam One, AndybTek, Clemens Rumpf, Joel Lucas, Disco Channel, Nando Fortunato, Steven Sanders, Azurio, Melo, Hotel Stereo, Sylva Drums, Carinas, Roaxx J, Don Rimini, Ghedzo, Sue Avenue, Tisapear, Erio Noen, Axel & Jeizer, Ibiza Groove Squad, Jack Bad, Remundo, Julien Sens, Maagik, TSF, Chris Hopeman, Orffee & Pacecord, Snick Boy, DJ Sneeze, Simon D., We Are Nuts!, Cheap Sunglasses
House Place Records | 2017-12-08