- Da Productor


Da Productor creates Techno, Acid Techno, Tech House, Acid House and Minimal since 1999. Actor of French Raves and Teknivals, he signed his first EP on Noisebuilder's label ( Heretik system / Junky Robot ). It comes with remixes from Mid Wooder and Astra Teck, French Techno activists. He finally signed on international labels and made collaborations with great producers from Japan, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, France,... And came Tour dates in Europe and in Japan. Live Acts lover, Da Productor cooks a special French Touch Groovy Techno Acid with crazy vocals, groovy rythms and dancing basslines. These influences are drawn in American & Detroit Techno House, Uk Acid Techno & garage, Groovy Latin Tech House and German Minimal. Playing two hours live acts or Dj sets minimum, he can't resist manipulate the dancefloors for hours and hours. Both inventive and innovative, Da Productor loves to mix sampling hiphop technique, oscillations creation, recording downtown / nature sounds or instruments and routing everything in samplers, modular systems and computers. Ensured musical show from a promising artist.