- Andree Wischnewski


Andree Wischnewki was born in Berlin. Since more t han t en years he has been very successfully working as a DJ in different clubs. As soloist or as partner in different projects he always impresses his audience and the organizers. In 2011 he had his break t hrough as producer of t he project “Kanzler & Wischnewski”. He is also very well known as the author of many publications. Since 2012 he is aiming at a career as producer. His music combines dry, clear and well-structured “Minimal” with a host of styles above and beyond the beaten path. A buzzy Housegroove bass dub here – a jazzy trumpet sample pops up over there! Sensoned with touch of oriental flavour at times, it boils down to a truly global recipe. In his DJ-sets he merges melancholic melodies with bass kick-lines and vocals. That is how he creates his very own stories thereby sending his audience on a special journey across the world of electronic music.