- ChillOhm


Clément Olibé aka ChillOhm is born in 1991 in Perpignan, South France.At a young age, electronic sounds and mix became a passion and brought him to perform on his hometown. It is in London, where he used to live for few years, that he’ll discover underground scene and will spread through rave culture. Shapes his style and his technic that he’ll show in many occasion in different venues in the UK. Back in France, strong from his experiences and his meets, his originality suffer in sets from Deep to Techno and Trance. Made of passion and energies they give to the crowd an unique trip and experience from the beginning till the end. He has played in very important clubs and events like « Suicide Circus Berlin », « Rachdingue Club », « Es Paradis Ibiza », « Inox Club », « TILT Festival »,« We Love Fest », « Lovermut Festival », in countries like France, Germany, Spain or Argentina. Production side, Clément has many releases and EP on « EXPmentalRecords », « Affinity Lab » and « Lonely Owl Records ». With one only vinyl release featuring his friend Eddy Romero that reached the Top 100 of Deejay.de for over a month. ChillOhm is co-founder of « EXIL » event association with many parties behind. Also of « HIDE », a label only vinyl and underground private parties with his partner Eddy Romero. This young artist is in constant evolution and growing at good speed inside the underground scene.