- Nikolas Dee J Vox


Nicola D'Alessandro, aka Nikolas Dee J Vox, DJ, producer and remixer of Italy, always evolving, was born musically in 1997. Your selection with exquisite tastes, strictly house, makes his DJ sets a unique and unforgettable show, which ranges among the various sub genres that offers house music, from garage to the vocals, from deep to tech and progressive. For several years onenight creator as "We Love Music," "We Love Smile" and "Waiting 4 Xmas Party", Nikolas was able to conquer a large slice of the public and to have increasingly more acceptance in Italy but also abroad such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland and other countries. Some collaborations with Italian and foreign radio as a Power Hit Radio (Lithuania), Digitally Imported Radio (New York - USA) and others. In 2006 he began his adventure into the world of production, in 2011 inspired the DeArtMusic Records, record label always looking for new talent and new sounds related to the general house. Several collaborations with major record labels such as Bpmbeatrecords, Purple Gate Records, Recordings Ibiza (Spain), Scarecrow Music, Sportage Digital Records, Music Baccara.