- DJ Alen Fazlagic


Alen Fazlagic ,was born in Sarajevo , capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina,on 23.03.1991 . He started showing first interest in the electronic music at the beginning of year 2006,from then,he starting to use,simple virtual PC mixing softwares,where he learned some basic skils.Today he made mixes,producing own music and perform live at clubs, discos and cafes. Real big performances began 2008th,when he have a first gig. He finished the school for construction. He says that his music is his life, and that can not live without music. Type of music that he most does is: House, Tech House,but he can combine Latin House, Funky House, Electro House and Minimal,in energic set's.He has performed in many,many clubs,and on dance festivals, and concerts where he show real mixing skills. In 2011, he started to producing House, Tech House,and Progressive House.For Song "MoonRider",he was make a first contract with Clumbian label.Today he have a contract's with several music record labels,like – „Sound Lab“,"Beach Music Records", "Soulman Records"and now he making a tracks for all people,who want to dancing,enjoying in a eletronic music,and who want to feel real positive vibes of electronic music.