- Barak Maor


My musical career began in 2005 , at only 19 years old . I started to produce music since I was 14 years old , each year gaining more and more experience . At first I was trying different styles of music , until I remained fascinated by minimal and techno music . At the end of 2011 , I had my first set played on a web-radio at minimalstation.fm . In 2012 my sets were played on CueBase FM (Germany) , Minimalstation.fm (Germany) , Kittikun Radio (Japan) , Uzic Radio (Switzerland) and also a Guestmix for Slotcode Podcast . Also in 2012 I have signed my first tracks with a label , Taux Music . Now I'm working with Taux Music , Unseen Records Colombia , Twisted Beats , Berlin Aufnahmen , Anatolian Beats , Fruit Records , Schicker Recordings and Sanex Music .