- Jose Delparke


Jose Tomas Crez Casas, known as Jose DelParke, was born on 7th September 1986 in Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain). When he was a young man, he already had concerns about the music and immediately he got his first mixing equipment, starting with vinyl. He began his career at private events and he mixed at different venues, sharing stage with DJ GLIC, and Noel Perez and others.His style may vary according to demand, but always between Techno - house and techno.As his career progresses, he begins to get involved in musical production.In the past two years, after a great effort and in order to progress in the world of music, focuses on music production. Growing as a producer, at the moment, her new bases and rhythms creates a very defined style . With his experience and the improve of the mixes, he has come to create themes for national and international records. Nowadays, he combines the productions with the organization of festivals and events.