- Giorgio Rusconi


Giorgio Rusconi has been an important revelation in the lastyear's dance scene, after a big amount of importantreleases and collaboration.Classical modern dj-producer has always been opened toboth the side of music business, the production and the liveperformance. His music genre is mainly set on techno, butoften range to some minimal, tech-house and electroinfluences, blending different sounds and musical culture .Important collaboration with top artist such as NHB ,MiniCoolBoyz, Axel Karakasis,Tom Hades, Piatto, AnGyKoRe, and numerous charts on the top site Beatport.com ,have lead him to play in important party and events in someof the best italian and european clubs, such as Fluid,Juice,Bolgia (Bergamo) and After Florida, After Atelier,Shoking, Matrix,Codice a barre (Milan) and the famous ADEMusic Conference of Amsterdam.With a big amount of releases planned and the new setready Giorgio is definitely one artist to watch for the years tocome!