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Fritz ''F-Rontal'' Mayer (1995) is an young, motivated Techno-DJ and Producer from Ludwigshafen/Germany. He lives the Electronic-Music Style.He started listening to Hardcore, Hardtechno etc. at the age of 13.With 16 years of age he changed his Style to Darktechno. At the same time he began to produce his own Tracks with programms like Ableton, Fruity Loops and Reason.2013 he contacted a lable, ''Brachial Kontakt'', and asked them to release a Track he produced.They excepted his Track with the associated Remixes and he released his first EP ''Sickest Woman'' on Brachial Kontakt in the end of August 2014 and more EP'sHe became the Resident of an Event named ''HäckMäck'', where he had his Live-Dj-Debut at the 24th January 2014.He now produces Remixes for other Techno-Djs and has Gigs in official Clubs in the Rhein-Neckar district of Germany.