- Tom Laws


Tom Laws is a UK based DJ and producer. He has always been from a musical background but his obvious passion is for themore electronic side of dance music. He found his life time love for the scene going to sow of the UK’s biggest raves a freeparties back in the mid 90’s where he got hooked on the way of life and the freeness of expression with the whole way of life. Hehas been DJing since 1996 when he was 15 but was always into the drums and played them most of his life which gave him theRhythm to produce the very percussive techno he does now. His passion is anything from the more groovy side of techno andtech house to the obvious darker Techno you will nd in his productions. Tom is actually a great engineer and makes some hightracks with a lot of the worlds leading DJs but you wouldn’t know as he keep this side private to selective people. But he mainlyconcentrates on his own productions now which often get listened to and played by anyone from Carl Cox to Adam Beyer, BartSkillz , Alan Fitzpatrick, Spektre , you name it they play his music. This guys is born for the music we love and you will not ndmany people that have dedicated there life to raving and making the music we do . He is a great approachable guy and it showsin his music which although dark it still has the groove. keep an eye out on him because he keeps pumping out greatproductions on great labels, His dedication to techno is 2nd to none and there is not many people you will meet that have beendoing it as long as he has still not even nearly done . He has lots of new exciting music coming out some great labels in thefuture so keep an eye out.