- Mordred


Deep. Dark. Horror. Insane. Minimal. Techno. These are the words, which ones maybe describe Mordred’s Music. Nevertheless these are only “cataphasia”, which tries to classify his musical taste into genres. Sic these cannot totally describe the true nature of his sound, the story each of his track, his unique perspective of “so-called” dark / minimal genre, or the true meaning behind all of his tracks. Every track has its own mood, sometimes deep, thinking, philosophic, in rare occasion oppressive or frightening stories, and on the other hand the dancefloor-orientated, insane dark, moody, scary, rhythmic tracks which are supposed to madden the listeners. These are not made for any Music analysts, does not follow any rules or specific common build-up schemas - leastways not consciously. Mordred only tries to make soundwaves of his soul. Or at least what his soul emits. Or what he thinks emits. People can ask where all of this immense darkness comes from, sith he is not depressive or self-destructive at all. There are only shots in the dark. Born like that, or the spiritful experiences made him so. None can tell. Only one thing is certain: Mordred’s musical taste is not likely to change in the near future, and he continues to make releases on labels like Divided, Mandms, Black Vault Recordings, etc..., tries to adapt to new technologies, always learns, and never sees back. Be yourself, find your path, and do not lick any tempting knife...