- Datensi


Datensi released his debut EP in 2007 on Elektrotribe from Berlin. Over the past couple of years he has produced a variety of musical styles till he decided to concentrate on creating his own style, best suited to minimal techno. He has released several EPs and remixes on other Berlin based labels like Artiminimal and Joachim Spieth's Affin. Some of his music has been supported and played by great djs like Stephan Bodzin, Gabriel Ananda, Guy J, Someone Else and many more. In late 2009 Datensi returned to his home label Elektrotribe and prepared the floor for his upcoming debut album with an "oomph". Emotional melodies from first EPs have been replaced by filthy percs with mind-blowing delays and killer basses with tracks that most "lurk in the dark rather than the spotlight of the dancefloor", like a reviewer said. The addictive distorted noise of the mighty "Level 33" appears again and the faster bpm gives a more techno feel. Stay tuned! Releases : Datensi – Team Exercise (Team Records) Datensi – Fiddle Faddle (Affin) Datensi – Oomph (Elektrotribe) Datensi – Level 33 (Affin) Datensi - Flight to Berlin (Artminimal) Doris & Lavon EP – (TtekK Records) Management : romain@elektrotribe.com Live : elsa@elektrotribe.com Elektrotribe (Berlin) : Kienitzer Strasse 112, 12049 Berlin / Tel : +49 1759760209 www.elektrotribe.com Datensi – Epic Man - (Elektrotribe) Remixes : Benn Lian - Short Round (Datensi Remix) Benn Lian - Japanese Sound Systems (Datensi Remix) (Affin Records) Voodoo J - DopDop (Datensi Remix) (Elektrotribe Records) Marko - Impact (Datensi Remix) (Affin Records) Torro Remote - 1.49 (Datensi remix) (Elektrotribe Records) Appaers On : Datensi - Morana - Tech My House 3 (Elektrotribe Records) Benn Lian - Japanese Sound Systems (Datensi Remix) (Affin Selected 3) Celeste, Epic Woman (Dusky Mix) (2 Years of Elektrotribe) 33, Marko - Impact (Datensi Remix) (Affin Selected 2) Coming Soon : Datensi – Debut Album (Elektrotribe records / dec 09)