- Mynude


Mynude, the Frankenstein like creation of kemi and julien, provide deep, dark and twisted tech beats, original thumping grooves and shattering low-freq workout’s which are being hailed as the duo’s signature style.With releases on labels such as Frucht[GER], Killing Machine[CR], Pikimup Records[FR], Starcake Records[GER], Mutate to Survive[FR], Stosh[RUS], Mad Hatter Recordings[UK], Elektek Recordings[UK], Voodoo Records[GR], Xe:tech:no[UK], Re:Beat Records[IT], Elektrify[CY], they promise to provide club bangers for time to come.The duo has performed in a number of countries around the world with their live performance consisting of smart-mixing using two laptops with a number of nifty tools. It is truly an energy packed experience, that they want to share with as many as they can from every corner of the planet.