- Conduit Maker


Jordi Martinez Cañero A.K.A (also known as) Conduit Maker, born in Sabadell the 20th of September 1984, is a Catalan Dj and Producer. After a long carrer as a producer and Dj, he has had the chance to work with labels like Rectangle Recordings, Low Blow Records, HardzCutz Records, Beleza Records, Tryppy Records, Underground Avenue… Labels, that have edited records for well known international artists like: Martinez (Spain), Alex D’Elia, Hollen, Daniele Kama, Greeko, Ramiro Lopez, Angelo Ferreri, Marc Molina, Ilario and Oscar Palacios among others. His passion for creating deep, atmosferic, and elegant sounds, is totaly eclectic, having references from techno to deep house. But, in the other hand, you can see a clearly style mark in his produccions. A totaly personal flavour, that express his talent for the music creation.