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 - Les Psss


" Les Psss " project was founded in 2011 and has already been noted among techno music consumers, both in Bucharest and in the country (Romania) . This motivates the two to evolve both in terms of Music Production and further on Live Act. The two components,Anna and Vali gathered all their creativity and love for music , resulting in a blend of Techno and Electro with Funk and even Bass influences. After nearly nine years on the local clubbing stage and residences at various clubs in Bucharest, later on Vali started his own projects. The acquired experience and skills led to the training of Anna for this project, the two forming a couple also offstage. The project name "Les Psss" [Les Pus] emerged from the monikers used by the two.The opposites attract and due to this fact the two have developed a specific sound. In their sets the dark contrasts with the angelic, merging influences of some big names in the techno industry such as Adam Beyer, Marco Bailey, Chriss Liebing,Alan Fitzpatrick, The Advent, etc..The amazing feedback had after a Party Series under the UNDERGROUND SOCIETY Brand, propelled them on stage with famous DJs in the electronic music scene such as Secret Cinema [NL], Egbert [NL] Gemini Bros [RO], Dj Kool [RO], Dj Optik [RO], Happy Gutenberg [RO], Marika [RO], thus motivating them to take their performances at higher levels .Over time they managed to develop their own sound in both dj sets and own productions, already checking the first release by the track "Channels". Released by SkillsRecords and included in the annual "Delahoya Compilation", "Channels" it's a tune that defines somehow the contrasts and their characteristic sound. Recently you can catch their Guest Mixes at radio shows across the globe such as Proton Radio (USA), Pure Radio (NL), ArtStyle Techno (HU), HardForce United Station (RU).Record Labels: Skills RecordsReal Tribe Records