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DUAL FUEL is a project created by Ivan Bagnoli & Linda Cangialosi respectively born in Florence and Palermo. Ivan and Linda are related by marriage and musically too, and they created an impressive techno duo.Ivan began his dj career at age of 14, when he start to perform his first sets, pushed by his friends Cisco & Rob. Then He join the staff Confidence that will bring him to play in various local clubs in Florence as Full Up, Universale, Viper Theatre.In 2013, then they join the “Dama Staff” that took Ivan to perform in the famous night "Techno is not a business" with international artists such as Niereich, Carola Pisaturo, Dasha Rush, Paolo Kighine, Fabio MC and more.So we come to 2014 when they start to produce his own music and their talent was immediately discovered by the famous Croatian techno master DJ OGI who took them with him in the family Technodrome, his label.Over the years they count their sets in clubs all around the Florence such as Tabasco Disco Club, Int3rno, Elisir, Galisia, Dolce Zucchero, The Box, Woodstock Club Florence, MDA, Viper Theatre, Full Up, and Universale....Their sets maintain a high rhythm of bpm and their sound is definitely dark techno, with deep and continuous synth. But they also make a melodic and groovy techno to expand more their musically experience. Their productions are often in the rankings of the biggest digital music stores.They work actively with labels already popular throughout Europe as DSR DIGITAL, TECHNODROME, NAKED LUNCH, RELOAD RECORDS, DIRTY MINDS. The DUAL FUEL are growing and with their production many people will talk about them.In the 2016 they finally open their techno project label SCARLET CARSON RECORDS.