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 - Edo Messina


Edoardo Messina was born in Ischia, a beautiful island in the gulf of Naples. Since young he has a big passion for music, studying guitar and piano in a well known local academy. At the age of 12 he discovers the djing world and with the help of his father he buys his first dj consolle.So he starts entertaining friends in private parties and his name begins to go around his hometown giving him his first gig requests at the tender age of 14. From that moment he enstablishes his name in the night scene and he starts to work with a well known local parties agency. During years, he refines his musical tastes, enriching his path with many sonorities from Hip-Hop to Reggae and Funk going straight to Tech-House and Techno thanks to his good friendship with his best friend M.I.T.A. In 2012 he signs his first contract with Aenaria Recordings, owned by Luca Ricci.