- Kernsprung


He played the triangle in a world-famous rockband for a too long time – he went to America and said: „when I can do it here I will never come back“. Unfortunately he lost all his good taste after an tragical accident and now he ́s fighting his way through as a Techno Act! Pumping, steaming, stunning, hard-edged Techno! KERN is on the run for some years now and understands how to surprise the audience with new live projects. 2008 till 2010 he had a deep insight into the Minimal Techno scene – he rushed forward his label and this brought him the possibility to cut himself back a bit. Incredibly taken on he spent the whole year 2010 in the studio to handicraft on new ideas with the vision to save the technofloors from ruin with common and first class in-house productions. To totally focus on production with much time and less technology is his approach and makes KERNSPRUNG so unique. His references already contain a huge number of well-known clubs across whole Germany. Right before the end of the year 2010 KERNSPRUNG released his long awaited sampler resulting in a big positive impact in a lot of scene panels.