- Dark Fork


Hardtechno Dj, French producer having joined “Batcave” movement at the beginning of the 80's who will evolve towards electro dark sounds while following the industrial E.M.B wave (Electronic Body Music). At present, Dark Fork plays and produces a massive hardtechno sound and powerful, combining dark synthetic sonorities, massively bass-heavy kick drums, driving percussion and distorted, looping synth noises. It will also play on the same electronic scene that established artists such as (Jeff Mills, 2Many DJ’s, The Hacker, Aaron Liberator, Chris Liberator, Jeff Amadeus, Greg Notill, Manu le Malin, Al Ferox, Dj Tonio…) As a dj, he's now plays all around the world ( France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, UK, Serbia, Czech Republic, ...). He knows how to drive the crowd to madness and try to share his feelings with all the party people. His tracks, full of energy, are played by most of the biggest hardtechno heads. With several big projects for the futur, he's now a big name of hardtechno in France. This Dj experimented of the french scene, great producer, is today the owner "D-FORK Records".