- D-Noise


D-Noise is leading the new Retrowave revolution in music through a stunning fusion of highly vibrant, wildly imaginative, and massively catchy Electro sounds all stylistically designed to entice the ears. The brainchild of DJ/Producer/Sound Engineer Nikolay Denisov, he’s made it his mission to create pure sonic entertainment that has intense Electro rhythms & grooves strong enough to make a memorable impact.Bursting into the online circuit in early 2016 with the release of his debut EP, Night Wolves, the attention to detail, sparkling production, and clever combinations of spectacular synth-sounds quickly caught the interest of music- fans searching for seriously rhythmic Electro with real life in its veins. Inspired by the response – the support, enthusiasm & love for that first record set off an unstoppable chain reaction of creativity, resulting in an impressive twenty-two releases over the course of the next two years to follow as D-Noise continued to break ground in his music & establish his Electro presence.They say ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ – and D- Noise is proof of that. While his attention to detail in music and ear for sound are impeccably sharp & completely professional, the astounding quantity of songs he’s created in such a short timeframe reveal a true dedication to the art & genuine love of the craft that comes naturally to him. Most importantly, quality is never sacrificed. Spending every second immersed in the universe of sound he’s been so ambitiously creating, D-Noise is always in the process of recording something new & exciting to listen to through a brilliant combination of vintage & modern gear that sparks the magic in his authentic approach to his style of Electro music.